Connect your car.

COCAR – the first Car Phablet in the world:
5.5 inch touch display
Specially for use in the car

  • Ease of use
  • Clear main menu
  • Voice input and Google Now
  • Dashcam for more safety
  • Collision warning and lane departure warning system
  • Individually adjustable
  • Android with more than 2 million apps

Mobile hotspot

Superfast LTE hotspot for all

Today, everything is connected. Everything – except your car? Offline was yesterday! With the COCAR WLAN Hotspot, everyone in the vehicle can surf without end, chat or stream videos. The wide bandwidth and the fast LTE network ensure that everyone can be comfortably online while on the road.


Camera-supported assistant: Collision warning, lane assistant

You can see better with a dashcam. COCAR takes care of your drive. The videos are recorded in a loop and stored in the event of a collision. This means that COCAR can be an important element in the event of an accident. The integrated assistant systems: collision warning and lane departure warning systems provide additional support.


Android operating system for your individual apps

COCAR is the first Android Car Phablet in the world. COCAR is always online in the best network. With Google NOW and voice input, with the latest Google browser and Android operating system. From more than 2 million apps you can upload your favorites to your COCAR.


Navigation 4.0

Innovative and diverse

COCAR offers you online navigation – powered by Navmii. No long waiting times – COCAR is extremely fast. COCAR shows you the current state of traffic and the best route. The maps are also available offline and you receive lifelong updates. With Share my Ride, your friends can see where you are and when you will arrive.

The Android operating system also allows you to install other navigation apps. We have already installed Google Maps for you.

Hands-free system

Safely connected with Bluetooth

With COCAR you can speak hands-free comfortably and easily via Bluetooth. This allows you to make telephone calls safely, since your hands remain on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Synchronize your contacts, and then they are also available for the navigation system.

COCAR – Vernetze Dein Auto

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